Wedding Ideas: The Big Tree

My fiance and I have been engaged for a little over 2 years now and we haven’t even started planning our wedding. In fact, we weren’t even sure what kind of wedding we… Continue reading

Around the World

I’m not sure where I originally stumbled upon an article of this guy. All I remember is thinking that it was so creative. Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer and film producer. He… Continue reading

You can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their handbag…

Yes, yes you can. Don’t judge. Biogen CLA 3000 Body Toner | NIVEA Dry Confidence | Billabong Wallet | Nerdy Glasses | ACC 200 | Panado’s & Comprals |Allergex | an Apple |… Continue reading

Runway Sale

Online Shopping just got a whole lot better!  The lovely Hayley from Runway Sale contacted me a few weeks ago to send me a pair of gorgeous Plums and to try out Runway Sale.… Continue reading

Birthday Weekend

It’s my birthday long weekend! And that’s about as much of the colour pink you will ever see on this blog. xx

[Giveaway] Starbright Girl

Yes! Another giveaway for just for you! South Africa has some really, really talented jewellery designers, and Megan McFall from Starbright Girl is definitely one of them! Megan studies jewellery design at DUT… Continue reading


I’ve been having a bit of a hectic day so I thought I’d share some cool images of tattooed ladies with you. Because I’m pretty sure I’m gonna look like this soon…  

Chin Up, Buttercup

I’ve been having quite a roller coaster month. It sucks. Mainly because it’s supposed to be good because it’s my birthday month. But I’ve been feeling all kinds of sad lately, and it is mostly… Continue reading


I was over the moon to hear that I won a rad Billabong hamper from Billabong Girls South Africa. I received my prize last week and I thought I’d share it with you.… Continue reading

[Giveaway] Savage Jewellery

Nicola Savage is the brains behind the awesome brand, Savage Jewellery. Nicola is a jewellery designer from Durban and loves shapes and textures – these being the underlying themes in all of her… Continue reading

I Fancy

If you haven’t been on The Fancy yet, where have you been hiding? Some of the things I would love from them right now: Patent Leather Heels by Jimmy Choo Diana Mini Gold Lomo Classic… Continue reading

HOLI ONE Colour Festival 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard about the HOLI ONE Colour Festival by now.The Cape Town HOLI ONE festival was just a week ago and the photos are amazing. The HOLI ONE Festival concept is… Continue reading

Instagram Roundup

 [The beautiful weather in Jozi a few weeks ago]  [Photography and Lomography = best.]  [Flu breakfast and Valentine’s Day]  [The rebel’s child and the rebel screaming at me]  [Sick in bed and a… Continue reading

Thank YOU!

20 000 views!  Thank you to all my wonderful, loyal readers. I know I receive loads of one-time visits on here, but I also know that I have a few loyal readers who… Continue reading

Monday Motivation

We all need a little

Jennifer Lawrence

Amidst all the Academy Award (Oscars) craze, I have come to really, really love this chick. Well done J-Law!  

Lust List: Typo Goodies

It’s my birthday in approximately one month, so I thought I would help my man-friend and other friends (and possibly any of you guys who’d like to buy me something seeing that you love me… Continue reading

1768 days of love

So the fiancé and I have been together for almost 5 years. It’s Valentine’s Day. We’ve always done something for each other on Valentine’s day, even if it is making a home-made card, or coffee… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

So tomorrow’s Valentine’s day. What to you get a guy that’s usually full of shit and does not want any presents/chocolates/cheesy valentine’s gifts? Well, nothing. You make him something special. Something like this.… Continue reading

Marmite’s at it again

So a few months back, you would have seen the Marmite Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Halloween campaign all over Social Media sites. This awesome campaign was done by Machine and it was all about encouraging people… Continue reading

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