I miss my mom today, so much. I listen to these when I want to recall old memories. This was our song Still my favourite today ❤  Advertisements

Ink = Art

Maybe my next one Really love the birds positioning Gorgeous *All images from Pinterest 


Love this – want this What my wannabe style is. Really. I want to look like this everyday, all day I also want this and this and this 

Some e Cards then


it’s never easy


I want to be someone’s personal trainer. I want to be someone’s motivator. I want to inspire other fitness enthusiasts to keep going and stay motivated and be proud but never satisfied. I… Continue reading

Why Being a Gym-Rat Pays Off

Impossible is NOTHING “Be proud, but never be satisfied” 

Food for thought; and muscle!

Surprise Exercise!

I want to keep one of these jars in my house, wake up every morning, choose one, do it, and feel awesome!

Insane Workout 2

Warm-Up:StretchingRun in place for 1 minuteSkip for one minute 1) 500m Jog2) 100 Jumping Jacks3) 3 minute march in place 4) 500m Jog5) 20 Thrust Front Kicks per side, 20 Side Kicks per… Continue reading

Training clothes

Favorite Brands: Nike Lorna Jane Puma If only we could wear training clothes all day, every day  ❤

Trainers Galore!

How could you not want these: Added to Wish List

Insane Workout 1

My training goals have changed over the last month or so: I now not only want to look good, but be fit as well. What is the use of looking good but not… Continue reading

Awesome Workouts

Healthy Food = Healthy Body = Healthy Mind = Healthy LIFE

Music is Love

I love music. I always have. It is as important to me like breathing is . I spend probably 15 of the 17 hours in my day listening to music via iTunes, my… Continue reading

Just Keep Swimming

So, after finishing the USN 12 week challenge, I kind of fell off the bus and took a break from all dieting and exercising  – BAD idea. I needed a proper breather though. Anyways,… Continue reading

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