Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Radistractions is a platform for rad shit. It is where I share what I love and sometimes also what I hate.

It is a distraction from work, emotional shit and life in general. It is procrastination station, babey.

I really really love writing although I don’t think I’m any good at it. You’ll find loads of general writing, random ramblings, personal posts and stories. I also (generally) love (punk/grunge) fashion, beauty, accessories, style, etc, although I don’t think I’m a very fashionable person. I’m a bit of a fitness freak and health nut, so there’s that. I also really really love tattoos and general rad shit. One of my many passions is social media and literally anything digital that is also rad. I love music. I do a bit of photography. And I am on the verge of planning a wedding (read engaged) – so lots of wedding stuff then. And then there’s everything else.

Holla back, yo.