The Love Local Closet, The Library & LoveMore

This little blog was started because a) I was tired of the old one’s name, content, look & feel (basicaly everything) and, b) I had grown tired of blogging and the way I was doing it so I thought I’d start afresh.

Ever since, I’ve been really selective in what kind of content I put on here. I promised myself that I would not let it become a chore like the old one did. And I promised that I would stay true to myself and be honest. So now I’ve thought of a few things that I want to add to the blog. It’s things that I enjoy and love and that I truly believe in.

I’ve always loved and supported local designers, brands, artists. I believe there is a certain go-getter attitude us South Africans have that make us not only work really hard at reaching our dreams, but that makes us create rad shit. Because let’s face it, we are rad. Therefore, and in order to celebrate rad people who create, design and do rad shit in South Africa, I am starting a segment/feature called The Love Local Closet. I will be looking for and interviewing rad South Africans who create, write, design, and do rad shit, among others. With this little feature, I want to really capture the essence of being a South African entrepreneur/ business owner/ designer/ artist, etc. I want to celebrate our culture and our I-won’t-stop-till-I-make-this-work attitude.

I am also starting a little corner where I will (hopefully, if my writing abilities allow me) review books that I have read. Nothing fancy, just a few thoughts on the books. I will also be listing books I’ve read and books I want to read because, let’s face it, books are rad. This feature/segment will be called (simply) The Library.

And last but not least, I am pretty sure that all of us want to do a little extra, give a little more. I am no saint but I really try to give back as much as I can, even just through small gestures. I will be adding a permanent page/feature/segment called LoveMore where I will feature charities and/or Indiegogo projects that I believe need more exposure and more help (as if there are any that don’t need more help). It will be similar to what the awesome Dale from BadTennis has done for #Care4Clint (which you can donate to, here) (thanks for inspiring dude). I am still figuring this out as I need to make sure that I utilize this feature properly to give the charity / project as much exposure as possible, but how do you eat an elephant? 

So there are three little segments close to my heart that I think need their own little corner on this blog. I will be working hard at making them happen as soon as possible, so pop back any time and check on my progress. it would also help if you’d give me a little nudge here and there 😉