Play the cards

Life is not unfair. Life happens the way it is supposed to: the way you let it play out. Everything that is supposed to happen has been planned already I believe. Our individuals lives as well as our lives as families, daughters, mothers, employees, etc. have been laid out.

God/the universe deals the cards and we play them. And how we play them is up to us. We must take complete responsibility and realize that how we deal with things and what we allow to happen influences the future and changes a lot of things.

I had a very personal moment last night and realized that what ever choices we make; what ever cards we play, and how we play them not only changes our lives but eventually changes the lives of the ones closest to us.

It’s a very weird and tangled thing this thing called life. it’s exhilarating, exciting, wonderful and scary, dark and lonely at the same time. It is a gift.

It’s important to remember that whatever situation you are in, what ever card you have been dealt – you are in control of what you make of it. Full control. You decide what you do, how you act, how you play it, what your next move is. It’s a pretty big responsibility because remember, you’re not making the decision just for you – your actions will impact someone else’s life in some way or another, whether now or 10 years from now. make sure that the changes you make are good for you and, more importantly, good for and to others.

Just thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve been having lately.