Pharrell Williams x Cara Delevingne x British Vogue

As you know, I absolutely love Cara Delevingne. She is a super rad supermodel (?)

She loves goofing around and pulling faces. She loves tattoos. And she seems like an all round nice person.

British Vogue has paired Cara and Pharrell and featured them in their September issue.

Pharrell tweeted Cara, saying: “Thank you @Caradelevingne, you’re one of the illest models ever and I’m grateful @BritishVogue gave me the opportunity to work with you.”

I mean, he’s just as rad and so sweet.

British Vogue says of the shoot:

CARA DELEVINGNE gets close to the insanely talented Pharrell Williams inVogue‘s September issue, and now you can join them both on the shoot with a clip from our behind-the-scenes film shot exclusively for the iPad.

Watch Delevingne giggle goofily as Pharrell smoothly compliments her on her “depth” and “spirit”, then see the pair wrap their arms around one another, dance and pose as David Bailey snaps away.

“David Bailey’s faces and sounds – he makes some pretty wild faces,” said Pharrell of working with the legendary photographer. “He’s a genius, but that’s his work isn’t it?”

Here’s a teaser photo of the two:

#SeptemberVogue – Born Lucky


There’s also a little behind the scenes video here:

Love. Love. Love.