Say it right

Slogan t-shirts and hoodies are all the craze right now. They were big way back when, and they’ve certainly made a huge comeback in 2013.

I’m all for being daring and bold when it comes to fashion, so I definitely love these tongue-in-the-cheek infused fashion pieces. I am even thinking of creating a few with my own slogans.

I definitely love what’s trending in the fashion world right now. Slogan Tee’s and hoodies, caps, retro sunglasses, beanies, sneakers and sneaker wedges; all paired to create a classic bad-ass/I-don’t-care/grunge-punk look. I love that we’re embracing our ‘boyish’ sides, while still managing to keep it classy and looking hot.

SOZ  Slogan White T-shirt

Fashion Trend - Denim, leather and slogan tees.

#grunge #punk #fashion #beauty

such a cool picture!

Pray For Fashion Cool Slogan Indie Pop Rock Tank Top

Maria Pita from Fashion Crack in Krisp Geek print jumper

Sequin baseball sleeves

military print with jeans (y)