Feeling Inspired

This rarely happens (lately) – I’ve been shoved and pushed a bit by life from all directions and have been struggling to stay motivated and inspired. Today, for some reason, I feel content and inspired.

I feel inspired to be better in every aspect of life. I feel like I need to do a complete life upgrade. I’ve been dragging and just ‘getting by/through’ the last few months. I think it’s time to emerge from this cocoon and become the butterfly this ‘phase’ has prepared me for.

As of today, I am going to strive to be better in every second. I am going to make better decisions. I am going to maintain this contentment and I am going to listen to the voice inside ushering me along. I am going to follow the light and remember that my mother is next to me every step of the way. She is smiling at me and she would be proud of me. I will let her smile guide me.

However silly, I feel these few things are the first steps to the becoming the butterfly I was destined to be (what a complete cliche):

Β – I am going to cook at least 5 times a week. Healthy, balanced meals. I will experiment with new recipes and I will enjoy my time in the kitchen and not dread it as a chore. It is a blessing.

– I am going to create a little home office. Our home is not big (at all) but we have a small space for a little shared desk. I am going to make it work and I am going to use it. I am going to make it pretty and functional.

– I am going to work on gaining a few new skills I have been wanting to learn but haven’t had the time or energy to. No-one can take your knowledge away from you. Knowledge is power.

– I am going to learn HTML/code.

– I am going to complete my exercise science course.

– I am going to continue in my illustration/design work.

– I am going to read as much as possible – all kinds of books and at least a few spiritual/motivational ones.

– I am going to learn more about social media and blogging – I will do more research and assignments.

– I am going to play around with digital photography and photo editing more so that I can realize my dream of becoming a wildlife/nature photographer (even if it is freelance).

– I am going to meditate every morning and give myself the soulfood I need to start the day. I will do yoga too.

– I will be calmer and more content when making decisions. I will think like a grown up but act like an adultchild.

– I will give more, help more, support more, change more, inspire, motivate, laugh, cry, fight, forgive.

– I will save money and be smart with my earnings.

– I will focus on appreciating the things that I have instead of worrying about getting the things that I don’t have.

– I will not be a control freak anymore. Whatever happens, happens. I will stop worrying about the future every second of the day, and start enjoying the presence while planning for the future. I will try to let go of the past but remember the lessons that I learnt from the things I have gone through.

– I will be a better sister.

– I will dress how I want and feel like. I will express myself through what I wear. I will not let the opinions of people change me or my decisions. I will buy the shoes (if it’s a bargain πŸ˜‰ )

– I will exercise at least 5 times a week. I will eat healthily. I will look after my body, hair and skin better.

– I will always look inside myself and next to me if I am ever doubting who I am, what I believe in and what I am all about.

– I will write more and better. I will draw more even if I suck. I will creatively express myself more often.

– I will try to travel as much as possible.

– I will start making plans to start planning our wedding. The perfect day.

– I will follow my believes and have faith. I will walk hand-in-hand with God.

– I will take every day as a gift – a fresh start and another chance to be good and make my dreams come true. Another day to show the people I care about that I love them.

These are just a few things that I am hoping to better. I think a lot of people strive to be happy and better. It’s difficult – life happens. We start doubting ourselves. We worry.

I’ve decided to stop living in the mindset of worry, self-doubt, stress, always being unsatisfied. I will start living in content, happiness, the moment, inspiration, love.

– I will not give up. I will be strong.