all that glitters ain’t gold

In  life, we get sidetracked with all glistering things we lay our eyes on; clothes, houses, gadgets, food, money, fame, power. We become envious. And the more we get of something,  the more we want.

Somehow, success is now being measured by how much money we have, how popular we are, how beautiful our clothes are and how much of it we have, what kind of house we live in and what car we drive. I guess, if that’s what your goals in life are, that’s your success.  And I am so happy that your  kind of success is not mine, and mine is not yours. I guess it is all about what you perceive as success.

One of the things in life I strive to succeed in is to not be selfish; to not allow life to make me selfish. I’m not a saint; I make mistakes. I can be selfish and envious. I can be greedy and rude. But I really try. And I never know whether I’m doing it wrong or whether I’m getting it right.

Example: you know it’s inconsiderate to eat/drink in front of someone that’s fasting? If you didn’t, now you do.

I share an office with a friend and colleague who is fasting. It is really difficult to change your ways and not eat/drink in your usual spot because you are so used to your daily routine. I forgot that earlier today while sipping on my green tea. I felt really bad so I apologized to him and told him that he shouldn’t worry because it’s just nasty green tea (which he doesn’t drink) and not something he would want to have like water or coffee. He replied and said that it’s okay, he is okay and that I shouldn’t feel bad. I responded by saying: do unto others what you would have them do to you.

Until that moment, I thought I was being considerate and definitely not selfish, until I realized what I had just said.

It occurred to me that that specific saying; the one I’ve been using throughout my life, makes me sound like a complete idiot and self-absorbed person. Why? It was like saying:  “I’m not feeling bad I’m just thinking of how I would want you to treat me

All I hear is ME ME ME.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you but it’s changed my outlook on this saying. Is that what should motivate me to do good things and treat people good? Because I expect and want them to treat me the same way? Is it motivating me for the right reasons? Essentially, I’m just being good to someone because that’s what I want. Not what is right. It’s all about me. And it’s not good.

So maybe we should try to think less about ourselves and what we want, and just do good for the sake of doing something good. The world would be a much better place.

PS: Let me know in the comments if I am being crazy with the way I see this saying, or if you feel the same/similar?