Between her and light

When I’m bored I really love surfing the internet (what, who still says that?) for rad editorials. Partly because I love rad fashion and partly because I love photography – I love seeing the two come together to create something amazing.

Since I’m stuck in bed recovering from food poisoning (which is a whole other story), I raided tumblr in search for some great editorials, and came across this one:

It is called Between her and light by the amazing Andrea Massari for REVS Magazine (July 2013). He is such an amazing photographer – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

It features model Susan (couldn’t find a surname) from agency NEXT Milan. I particularly love this editorial because the model and the entire look and feel of the shoot reminds me of my wonderful model friend, Melody Dean (@oumamel). She recently did a Pringle of Scotland shoot and the ad was placed in, among others, Elle Magazine.

Mel, I think you should do something similar to this – you’d kill it!