Magna Carta Holy Grail – Jay-Z

I love all kinds of music and though I’ve know a few Jay-Z tracks here and there, I’ve never bought or owned an albums of his. I always thought that it (his music) was just too much.

Lucky Samsung SIII, S4 & Note 2 owners who downloaded the Magna Carta Holy Grail app were given early access to downloading the album before its released to the rest of us. This is the first time I’m regretting being an iPhone owner. The #MCHG tweets are KILLING me.

I’ve just watched this clip and I’m definitely getting his new album. The sounds in this clip are out of this world. It’s rad because it’s not that heavy-beat/tech/whateverthehelltheycallit sound doing the rounds. I love piano sounds and the one featured in this clip is absolutely beautiful.

For the music.