A simple question

While driving to work this morning, I listened to a song I hadn’t heard in almost 8 years.

It brought back so many memories: good and bad.

One particular part in the song made me wonder: If everyone, whether a doctor or street sweeper, were paid the exact same amount of money as a salary every month, what would we be motivated by and how would it affect our goals in life.

Weird, I know.

We are so focused on making money so we can buy whatever our heart desires that we often forget about the people who have absolutely nothing – not even R1 – to look after themselves and, often, their families. Can you imagine what that must be like?

We focus on materialistic things. We put so much value to the cars we drive, houses we stay in and clothes we wear. I think we forget how to live when this happens. We’re so busy chasing dollar signs that we forget what life really means.

If we were all paid the same amount of money, would you still be doing what you are doing now? Would you be motivated to pursue a passion and make it your career knowing that you’d receive the same amount of money as the guy sweeping the street?

No doubt that a structure like this will never work, but let’s imagine it did and you’re now earning a smaller salary. You could simply be sweeping the streets and earning the same: what would you do? And more importantly, what would motivate you to do better and be a success in life?