Bells, Bars and Balls

Haha. No, it’s not what you think.

Bells, Bars and Balls is the name of my new fitness website. I’ve had it for about a year but I haven’t been as dedicated to updating and growing it as I wanted to be, so I gave it a little bit of a revamp, a more suitable name and a slap on the bum before sending it into the big bad world of fitness websites.

I started the website because it motivated me in my training. Looking at pictures and photos of women with fit, gorgeous bodies is one of the biggest motivators for me. I know it sounds creepy – it’s not, promise.
I’ve also started studying Exercise Science and I wanted to share the knowledge I was gaining with you.

I promise to keep it updated and relevant. I am focusing on my passions from now on: writing, fitness, fashion. photography, design.

Go check it out at or click on the fitness page at the top.

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I don’t want to call it a blog, as that is not what it is or will be or is supposed to be – I’m changing the domain soon. I will also be adding a BUY! page to it soon where you can purchase training apparel like hoodies, tshirts and pants. It will all be branded, quality gymwear at great prices, so watch out for that. I’m receiving my first sample on Thursday to show you what it will look like. I am also working on some designs which I will share soon!

Let me know what you think of the name and the site!