50 Random Facts About Me

So I’ve been experiencing what seems to be ‘bloggers block’ – I’ve been struggling to find things to write about. I’m kind of on the fence about this whole blogging thing and I’m trying to figure it all out. So I thought I’d start at the beginning – I’m springcleaning and de-cluttering my life so I can start from scratch and see where I need to be/go. That’s a whole other post.

For now, I thought I’d share 50 random facts about myself that you might not have known. Here goes:

1. I’m Afrikaans and from a VERY small town in the North-West where people are conservative and mostly very judgemental. n Boere dorpie basically somewhere in between Vereeniging, Potchefstroom, Carletonville & the city of gold. Fochville.

2. I love all kinds of music. My mom was a proper music lover. I grew up listening to country, rock, RnB. I’ve developed my own taste in music, but I can jump from one genre to the next and sing along happily.

3. I’m one of three children. I have an older sister and a younger brother. Middle child – yeah, I know.

4. I absolutely love martial arts. I used to do Jujitsu until our instructor moved overseas. I am still looking for an instructor in my area so I can take it up again.

5. I used to be incredibly shy (still am sometimes) – it made me give up sport in High School 😦

6. I love exercising, but I don’t like endurance sports. I used to play hockey and run track in school. I can’t do long distances though – I used to have asthma. Plus, anemia.

7. I never had the opportunity to study after school so I have no qualifications other than my High School diploma. I really didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life after school so maybe it was a good thing. I’d still love to study though.

8. My mom and older sister had to force me to start shaving my legs just before starting High School. I told you, I’m a tomboy. I wanted nothing to do with dresses and pretty hair and shaved legs and perfumes and whatever. I skated and I did martial arts. I loved it.

9. I have approximately 20 different social media accounts for my approximately 5/6 different projects/blogs. getting rid of the useless, unfulfilling ones is part of my de-cluttering phase.

10. My natural hair colour is light brown

11. I am not sure what I want to do with my life, career wise.

12. I have two cats: Krummels & Zoey. They are the absolute best. They are my children.


13. I am a petrolhead and am completely obsessed with muscle cars.

14. I have a dirt bike and I love offroading.

15. I can see myself having a career as a photographer. Any kind – as long as I get to take photos and get paid for it.

16. I am godmother to a pug.

17. I am shit scared of me or anyone I know getting cancer.

18. I am OCD. Some days more so than others.

19. I resigned from my very first job without having anything lined up. I started with what was at that time my dream job (in the music industry) the next week.

20. I worked with many South African musicians and loved it.

21. My birthday is a day before my mother’s

22. I have 6 tattoos that all have meanings. They all represent my life: things I have gone through, people, things that helped me get through. I am planning on having the 7th soon. I have one on my foot, wrist, hip, rib section, pinky finger & back.

23. I’m a big fan of action movies. Romcoms are really not my thing.

24. I am addicted to crime series’. My current favourites are Elementary, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: NY (still), and of course the whole of crime channel.

25. I wanted to become a vet or a forensic investigator when I was young.

26. I’ve had a dream of owning a game farm since as early as I can remember. I was privileged to live on one for about a year or two. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, but being so close to nature helped me cope.

27. I am (kind of) studying to get my exercise science diploma. I’ve wanted to become a personal trainer for so long, but I simply cannot find the time to study.

28. I’m addicted to instant coffee (yuck, I know). I can have up to 5 cups a day (or more sometimes)

29. I’m anemic.

30. I’m obsessed with Iron Fist and all their clothes and shoes.

31. I am very flexible. I am currently training so I ca do all those things yoga people do. Plus handstand pushups and pullups and flags and and and.

32. I write a monthly Exercise and Diet piece for TeenZone magazine. You should check it out sometime.

33. I am engaged. We got engaged when I was 20. Young, I know. But when you know, you know.

34. I have a stationery obsession. So no going into Typo shops for me.

35. I lost my mom to leukemia nearly 9 years ago. It doesn’t get better, you just learn how to deal with it.

36. Bathtime is my relax time for the day. I almost always put bubblebath in and I almost always read in the bath. I definitely always leave the hot water running – something I learnt to do from my mom. I can’t bath without that sound.

37. I am self-tought in Photoshop and Illustrator. And basically all the other programs I use on a regular basis. I am EXTREMELY happy to be able to admit that I am technologically advanced. I learn and catch-on quickly and can figure out how something works just by playing around with it. That, I definitely got from my dad.

38. I draw. Another thing I got from my dad (he is super good). I suck right now because I haven’t done it in so long, but I do it regardless. It’s relaxing.

39. I also write (or used to write) poetry. Books and books full of very depressing, deep, childish poems.

40. Rapping along to rap songs makes me feel gansta. (I’m sure not just me)

41. I am not really scared of any of the ‘usual things to be scared of’ like snakes, spiders (I kill the spiders in our house), heights (bungee, bridge swinging, skydiving).

42. I can’t believe you’ve read this far and that makes me feel very thankful so thank you.

43. I think I suck at interior decorating.

44. I love the rain. I kind of wished that it would rain all the time, but that would kill my love for it. I love the thunderstorms we have here in Jozi.

45. I’m addicted to sleep (at the moment) – I think it has to do with the weather.

46. My calves are bigger than my fiancé’s (ssshhh 😉 )

47. Punk rock = LIFE

48. If I could dress in gym clothes every day, all day, I would.

49. I have 4 blogs/sites.

50. I have big dreams and are always thinking about how I can make them come true. I really struggle with switching off and constantly have new ideas and to-do lists going crazy in my head. I think this is a good trait, but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it soon.

Thank you for reading this.