Top 5 Friday

I have a few items in my handbag that I never leave the house without. I use them on a daily basis and they are necessities to me. I am not really into carrying a big handbag around everywhere I go (although I have quite a huge one that I use now) so I try to keep mine as light and clutter-free as possible. I often leave miy handbag at home/in the car if I see I won’t need it -so I just carry my necessities (read lipgloss/balm & cellphone) in my pocket. I am also only now starting to get into testing and using various kinds of beauty products, so I really just know about the bare essentials every girl has. These are my top 8 – the first 5 are my absolute essentials!

Woolworths Liquid Eyeliner.
I have only tested two eyeliners but I am PRETTY sure this is one of the best ones on the market! It doesn’t streak; is quite dark with only one application; and it simply peels off when you wash it off with water and soap – no fuss. After using and loving this eyeliner, I can’t wait to test some of the other items in the Wollworths Beauty range.
Softlips Vanilla Lip Balm
I have about 5 different kinds if lipbalms in my bag. This one works the best for me – the others leave my lips dryer than they were before I applied the balm.
L’Oreal Studio Architect Styling Wax
I have had this wax for probably more than three or four years. After a hair disaster of note that left me with a blonde pixie cut, this styling wax was recommended. My hair have luckily grown back, but I still use the styling wax on my tips for a feathery finish, and fringe (if/when I have one) – it doesn’t leave your hair looking dirty or oily at all.
Nivea Creme
Pretty sure most will agree that Nivea is the best cream out there. I use this small tub as my hand cream. There is no better.
Tattoo Files
Cute, miniature nail fails for emergencies. Love it.
Marie Claire Makeup Mirror
TLC Facial Washing Wipes
For obvious reasons
Estee Lauder Lipgloss
What are some of the bare essentials your always have with you?