Currently Obsessed with –> CARA DELEVINGNE

I mean, who isn’t?


She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous.
But, the reason I am so obsessed with her is because she’s just a geeky, goofy girl who happens to be a supermodel. She is rad. We need more models like her. Seriously. Can we clone her, please?
Yes, that’s Karl Lagerfeld
I’m also obsessed with her Tumblr/Instagram:
Corkscrew me
The cutest chair in the world! #Singapore #Chanel
That’s my lion finger rahhhhhh @terryrichardsonstudio
Hhahahaha!!! @carascrew
I can’t believe a bird actually shat on my head!! Ahhh!
A bird SHAT on her head. And she Instagrammed it.
Oh twinkle I miss you!
I love you Cara, marry me.