Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

Today is my best friend’s birthday. My BESTEST friend in the whole wide world. He also happens to be my gorgeous, extremely funny, caring fiance. I am the luckiest girl in all of the land.


Warning: Mushy romancy stuff ahead.

Totes Gorgeous.

Totes Bad-Ass.

Totes oh-so-caring.

Totes best smile, eyes and crows-feet ever. (Even better than in this photo)

Totes best arms.

Told ya. BAD. ASS

Totes HILARIOUS and BEST sense of humour. EVER

Totes best bod. EVS.


Just all round, the best guy you will ever meet. He is my best friend. My shoulder to cry on. My soul mate. He makes me laugh so much, which I believe is his BEST feature. He has tattoos (which is the other best feature 🙂 ). He’s so dedicated in his career and I learn so much from him.

Happy Birthday my fiance. I love you and I can’t wait to MARRY your face.
I hope you have the best day and most blessed year ever.

I love you.