Photography: favourite photos

I’ve decided to start a separate blog/site for my photos. I am planning on doing more professional photoshoots and things in the furuture so I would like to get ahead and get it started so long (also, I’m having life-boredom-issues so I need another project to keep me sane)

The site is, for now.
I am still uploading and customizing so there is nothing on it except for one photo to test the layout, but feel free to go follow so long ;p

In the meantime I’ve decided to share some of my all time favourite photos that I’ve taken. I take loads of photos – I took 2000+ photos in one day on two separate occasions, and I am always taking photos with my phone and posting them on my Instagram, which you can follow here: (see what I did there 😉 )

I also recently received the Olloclip as a birthday gift and have been taking photos left, right and centre. I will upload my review and some photos tomorrow.

Here are my all time favourite photos I’ve ever taken, with iPhone and 550D.

Do you think it could be more than a hobby?