Wedding Ideas: The Big Tree

My fiance and I have been engaged for a little over 2 years now and we haven’t even started planning our wedding. In fact, we weren’t even sure what kind of wedding we wanted: traditional vs. elope vs. court (at some point) haha. But I have finally decided that I would, after all, love a traditional but intimate wedding. You are only supposed to do it once so you need to do it right. The lovely Che from Indieberries and her Warr got married a week or two ago, and I think seeing her awesome photos on Instagram made me decide that that is what I want. A walk down the isle in a white dress in front of my closest family and friends.

Ever since we got engaged, I have had this image in my head of how I’d like our wedding to be. And one image that keeps popping up is us getting married under a BIG tree in Autumn. I have run this past fiance and he doesn’t seem to phased so I guess that’s what it’ll be then. It would be rad if it could be a big tree next to a river, but that’s just me pushing my allocated perfect-wedding-venue-luck.

I have come across some really nice wedding photos on Pinterest and decided to share them with you. This is my idea:

I hope that we can start planning our wedding soon. I think it is something every girl should have to do once in their life. I have bought numerous wedding magazines; I gobble up the information in one sitting, suffer from serious wedding-envy/FOMO and then forget all about it. Hopefully, the next time I buy a wedding magazine, it will be because I need it to help me to start plan my wedding. Until then, I will not buy another one.