Around the World

I’m not sure where I originally stumbled upon an article of this guy. All I remember is thinking that it was so creative.

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer and film producer. He travels a lot, and his ridiculously good-looking girlfriend accompanies him. Together they see the world, and he has created a very original photo series on Instagram that gives us a chance to see the world and his travels with his girlfriend through his eyes.
The photos are of his girlfriend holding his hand, ‘dragging’ him through many famous cities and landmarks.
As a photography lover, I appreciate the creativity of this, and I’m slapping myself, thinking “Why didn’t I think of this!?” I don’t travel the world, and I don’t have a hot girlfriend to photograph, so it would have been way boring and I am sure it wouldn’t have reached such fame.
To see his professional work, go here
Follow him on Instagram to see more of this amazing series of photos. Seriously, he is so good!
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