HOLI ONE Colour Festival 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard about the HOLI ONE Colour Festival by now.
The Cape Town HOLI ONE festival was just a week ago and the photos are amazing.

The HOLI ONE Festival concept is based on the desire of “we are all one” and, in Hindu Culture, the festival commemorates the arrival of spring. Other countries, like Germany and our very own South Africa, has picked up on the festival, and have added a little twist to it by making it an open air electronic music festival with colour. HOLI ONE has already covered Cape Town in colour on the 2nd March, and is set to take place in Johannesburg on the 6th of April at Emmerentia Dam.

Thousands of Joburgers will come together, all dressed in all white, to enjoy music, performance art and visual stimulation, while being covered in clouds of coloured powder at a countdown on the hour, every hour from 2pm.

The Festival takes place at Emmeremtia Dam on the 6th of April and starts at noon. Get this. Tickets are ALL SOLD OUT! Which is a major problem seeing that there is still an entire month to go before the festival takes place and people were counting on buying them a little later in the month. Let’s hope they release more tickets soon! This is something not to be missed.

Here are some rad photos taken at HOLI ONE Cape Town:

My birthday is at the end of March and I have decided to celebrate by attending the HOLI ONE festival with a whole bunch of friends and family. 2 (me & manfriend) of probably 15/16 people have bought tickets. The rest don’t have, so I am desperately looking for more tickets, if anyone knows of people selling, please have them get in touch!

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Also, I’m hosting a HOLI ONE ticket give-away next week – check back for updates and win some tickets!