Amber Jones Limited Edition Project Range

I am a huge fan of Mr. Price. I love that they are always up to date with the latest fashion trends, but still stock simple, classic items for the rest of us who are not so much in love with the peplum. One of their latest Limited Edition Project Ranges, however, I have absolutely fallen in love with.

The Amber Jones Limited Edition Project Range was just recently launched and is already on the lust-list of many fashionistas. Pair feminine florals with masculine military and girly, vintage charm mixed with a little grunge and you have the Amber Jones range –  straight off the catwalk of the Elle Rising Star Awards.
There are a few items I wouldn’t dare wear (mainly because it’s not my style or because I know it doesn’t work on me), but I really love the look of all of them and I wish that I could strut my stuff in these gorgeous pieces every day. 
Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the range:

Denim Shirt: R199.99
I am yet to get myself one of these classics – you just can’t go wrong with a good denim shirt. I have searched everywhere for the perfect one, but have not managed to find one I love everything about – they are always either to washed out, too many riffles or girly details, or don’t fit properly. I love the detail and the colour of this shirt – It’s a winner. 

Jacket: R259.99
I love, love, absolutely love this jacket. It screams my name and I can’t resist! I will have to get this one. If I can choose one item from the entire range, this would be it. Also a winner. 

Denim Shorts: R129.99
I am going through a denim shorts phase (I think it’s just a phase but it could be permanent) and I am also a big fan of washed out, ripped jeans. So this is right up my style-ally. I’d take one, thanks. 

Denim: R189.99
Again, love. Because washed and ripped. WIN! 
And now for the ones I love, but wouldn’t really try wear. 
Tee: R69.99
It looks great paired with the other items, but I am absolutely sure it won’t look good on me. Plus, the print and colour is a bit too girly for my taste. 

Peplum Skirt: R119.99
I love the print, but I am just not a fan of peplum. 
Of course, personal preference. I actually love these items; I just wouldn’t wear them. 
And then this is the one I’m not sure of: 

Sequin Top: R129.99
I love it one second, and hate it the next. I think it’s because it is such a weird combination. I love the sequins. And I love how it looks on the model; so I think  should go give this one a try.  
The range is available in the following stores while stocks last :
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Love it, Mr. Price. Love it.