Sunday Somethings

A few things I’ve learnt recently:

1. Don’t be fooled by Social Media. People who seem nice might not always be that nice in real life.
2. Sometimes, you don’t have to let go of the past. You should actually hold onto some of it – it made you what you are. 
3. Coding and HTML is NOT easy. Seriously. Also, while learning about this other language, don’t ask anyone who actually knows a lot about it to help you. You WILL end up feeling really stupid. 
4. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Let it out. Take some time for yourself and just sit and think and cry if you must. My soul is longing for a good cry-session. 
5. Never give up on your dreams, or goals. And be patient. Whatever should be, will be. Don’t be a control freak – let it go and open yourself to receiving. 
6. The life you imagine for yourself – work as hard as possible to make it happen. 
7. A magazine and a bubble bath is a wonderful stress reliever and the cure to a lot of things. 
8. So is a new haircut or pair of shoes/jeans. 
8. Being a nice person is really rewarding, seriously, it’s really not that difficult. Smile more; give more. 
9. You WILL drive yourself insane if you are too much of a control freak. I have first hand experience in this.  Your mind really starts playing tricks on you; you sleep less; you worry ALL THE TIME. Don’t do it. Find ways to help you relax more and accept things as they are. Also not sure if this is the result of being overly driven – I’ll get back to you on that.
10. It’s amazing what you can teach yourself through technology and research.
Have a lovely Sunday and keep the blues at bay!