Ye Old..Uhum…’Modelling’ Days

Holy flip, I just came across some REALLY old ‘modelling’  photos.

I started attending modelling and runway lessons when I was about 15. I hated it, but was bound on making my dad proud. Besides, I never really had any extramural activities until much later when I finally got over my shyness of ‘performing’ in front of people.

The first shoot I did went quite well actually. It was also the only professional I’m-now-part-of-an-agency shoot I’ve ever done. See photos:

The… ‘fashion’. Check those shoes!


You have to know: before this, I was out on the road on my skateboard. All the time. I was still climbing trees and playing pranks on people. The good old days. This, I think, might have been one of my mom’s attempts to get me to be a little more ‘ladylike’ even though she wasn’t there anymore. Hence the awkward posing.

So, after deciding it wasn’t really for me (I dreaded every second – it tried to make me into someone I clearly was not). I stopped and joined the School Hockey team instead. It was awesome. I couldn’t play, but it was awesome.

And then, just before finishing matric, a friend and I had the idea of doing our own little shoot just for because. These photos were EVEN worse. Que the CHEESE!

The background. I made it. 

You godda have the couch pose in the bag

sexy face – on

being silly. this one I actually love



what was i even doing here?
messing about 

Well of course there are poses with fairy wings



PS: Have you noticed how they are all in sepia or b&w? Yeah, one word: pimples.

Okay, pretty bad so far.

I did, however, do one shoot with an amazing photographer, Brendan Jack.

This was the result. EPIC

Go look him up, he’s super talented.

Also check out his blog, if you want: &

So there it is. Hope it made you laugh as it did me. You should prolly go see an eye doc now.