Vintage Camera Addiction

So it seems I am a bit obsessed with Vintage Camera’s all of a sudden. I’ve wanted a proper, working Polaroid for such a long time now. And I have already bought myself the Diana F+ with all the extras. But I just came across this and I really, really … I don’t even have the words. I want them all. Please let me have them all!

So I’ve decided that I am now open to receiving vintage cameras, working and non-working, for my vintage camera wall that I don’t yet have and don’t know where I will put that is on its way.

If you have some vintage cameras lying around that you don’t want, let me know. In the meantime, enjoy this:
[any and all of these will gladly be accepted as valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, christmas and wedding gifts]

 Official Girl Scouts of America Camera – Brownie Scouts – 1950s

 Hasselblad 501CM

 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Outfit – 620 Camera with Flash

 Polaroid Camera One Step 600 1992

 Kodak Brownie. 
 Vintage 1960s Westinghouse Flash Cubes

 Vintage Polaroid Super Shooter Land Camera

 Vintage Kodak Instamatic 124 Camera

 Vintage Savoy Camera in Mint Green

 Vintage movie camera Bell & Howell 414P Director Series 60’s

 Vintage Polaroid Accordion Style Model 350 Land Camera

 Maxima c33

Vintage 1940s Ansco Shur Shot Camera
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