FeatureFriday: CityGirl Searching

I recently started two new features on my blog (read this post if you missed it). One of them being #featurefriday where I will feature a blog or website I really enjoy.

This, then, is the first #FeatureFriday.

And for the first one, I am featuring one of my favourite blogs: CityGirl Searching

Roxy runs this beautiful personal blog and often updates on photography or photoshoots she has done; her and farmboy’s wedding; blogging tipshandmade goodies and loads of other awesome things. I absolutely love reading CityGirl Searching. The tone of the posts are always warm, the content is interesting and always leaves me wanting more. Her photography is rad. The look & feel of the blog suites the content perfectly. As a brand, it really all ties in together quite nicely. She also has the best giveaways, her latest being the Consol Glass Giveaway

You can find CityGirl Searching on Facebook, here. And on Twitter, here.

Go give CityGirl Searching some love!

PS: If you have a site you think I should feature on the next #FeatureFriday, let me know!


*Image, links and information from CityGirl Searching and the Interwebs.

PPS: Sorry this is so short, I’m still figuring out a layout for the feature 🙂