Buys from Mr Price

I went shopping for some essentials over the holidays and didn’t feel like shop-hopping, so I went to the one with both affordable and fashionable items: Mr. Price, of course. I spent just over R1000 on 4 pairs of shoes, two shirts, a bag, denim shorts and a pair of jeans. Not too bad, hey?

I’ve had serious problems with flat shoes lately – they just don’t seem to last with me: pumps, sandals – you name it. I walk them through or get them irrevocably dirty within a month. It wasn’t going to happen this time – I got 4 pairs, just to be safe.

I also got this: I call it my hippie bag

Of course I bought this gorgeous neon yellow, see-through RT Limited Project Tipped Collar Shirt, which I absolutely love.

I am definitely planning on getting more of the range’s items before they are all gone. To see the full range, go here: RT Limited Project

I also popped into the new Fourways Mall Mr Price, and I absolutely love it. I hope they will go this route with all of the shops – it really suites the brand and the direction they are going in.

Thanks for the goodies Mr Price! Seriously loving the new ranges and can’t wait for more!