Over the 2012 December holidays, we got ourselves the Canon EOS 550D Twin Lens Kit. I have always been into Photography and Lomography, and have recently replaced my “mik & druk” with my iPhone, as my primary camera. The iPhone’s camera is 10mp. My Nikon ‘mik & druk” is a mere 8mp. That would explain why I have taken over 4000 photos with my iPhone. I always have it with me; it’s always charged and ready to shoot. 

But, since the Canon has came along, all I have been doing is wandering into the bushes or gardens to try catch the tiniest detail of anything that looks remotely interesting. I’ve snapped some pretty interesting little creatures with it, but I am still learning the ins and outs. Luckily, I catch on quickly, and am quite tech savvy, so I figured out the exact setting I like most, and basically shot all of the images with that setting the entire December/January getaway. 

And here I was starting to think that my love for Photography was dying: hmph. I simply needed a proper camera!
And now that I have one, every moment will be captured. 
(I took 1500 photos in the first two days of having it, and another 1700 in two days while the boys were offroading – I’m in love ❤ ) 

Anyway, here are some images I took during our December 2012 Getaway
Taken with the Canon EOS 550D with, mostly, my 75 – 300mm lens

 Aeroplane passing over

 Washing the offroad after a day of fun on the track

 Cows in a field on our way home from the North Coast

 Birdies nesting on Shelly Beach 

 a Blue dragonfly caught while camping at Lake Eland 

 Daring the jumps 

 My sister’s gorgeous pug pup sleeping

 Gorgeous pug pup enjoying the beach 

 a Friend’s cat, Japsnoet 

My sister walking over a bridge while camping 

 Some Wildebeest grazing 

 Sticking out 

 Landscape on our way home 

 Blue bridge

 Mr. Daniels 

 Gorgeous sunset over Harrismith 

 Make a wish 

 The waterfall at Oribi Gorge 

Massive spider seen while camping 

Luckily I’m not afraid of spiders, otherwise this awesome shot will never have been taken.  
Let me know what you think…
more soon…