Gift Wishlist Pt. 2: for the home

Hello beauties,

So Christmas is around the corner – only 20 days to go. And this year, I am doing my gift-shopping early.
We are quite used to always buying the same thing for the members of the family, and we never really buy anything for our friends. I’m changing that this year. I’m trying to find gift inspiration on the internet, and must admit – I wander off-route and end up choosing things that I would like to get for myself. Hey, it’s difficult to stay focused when there are so many distractions!

So, from trying to find inspiration for gifts for the family, I have ended up making a gadget wishlist (see here) and now also a for the home wishlist.

 Bookends of the Eart
 Exquisite Cups by Shlos
 Holla Doormat 
 Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror
 Origami Coffee Table by Martin Pitonak
 Reclaimed Card Catalogue Organizer 
 Safari Hooks
 Stacked Shelf
 Walk in Closet by Hosun Ching
 Burger Duvet Cover 
Memo Notice Board
Next up, usable DIY Christmas gifts. By usable I mean not-to-only-be-used-as-ornaments gifts
I am definitely making some of these this Christmas.
‘au revoir!