Gift Wishlist Pt. 1: Gadgets!

As you may know, I am a HUGE gadget freak. 
I love gadgets; all kinds!
These are a few things wouldn’t mind receiving in the Christmas box this year

BlueScale Digital Pocket Scale

Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard by Minebea

Dual USB Port Car Charger

George Clinton’s Right Hand of Funk USB Drive

HiLO Right Angle Lens for iPhone

Keyboard Stand Wingstand for iPad

LED Clip On Book Light

Layla Rose Gold Headphones

Macbook Lazerwood Keys

Macbook Sleeve by Travelteq

Spiderpodium Flexible Tablet Stand by Breffo

Timex 80 Colorblock Watch

Vintage Polaroid 600 Camera Kit by Impossible Project

Whooz Identification Labels by Sativa Turner

Casetagram iPhone Case

iPad Writing Center by Hekseskudd

iPhone Photo Scanner

And the best one of them all: the iStick Multifunction DesktopOrganizer
I expect them all in my stocking this Christmas, please and thank you 
Look out for more wishlists coming in the next couple of weeks!
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PS: it has been hectic busy in and out of the office the last couple of weeks. I will try to post more often. 
I am also going to re-look the design of the blog. 
Good things coming!