My Route to Becoming the Employee I want to be: Step 1

So I recently started a new job and I love it (previous posts on this here and here)
Only thing is, I have literally been thrown into the deep end and have hit the ground running sprinting. 
I do enjoy being busy all the time, but I am struggling to stay motivated in all the chaos, so I have decided to change things up a bit. 
This change was initiated by my wonderful fiancĂ©, who is an absolutely wonderful employee.
He shared a couple of things he loves about his job with us this past weekend, and the way he spoke about what he does – with so much intelligence, eagerness and passion – made me want the same thing. 
At first I felt annoyed, because I don’t personally feel what he is feeling and speaking of.
But then I decided – instead of blaming circumstances for me not being where I want to be – I should blame myself, and work on myself rather than finding fault with everything else. 
‘You are the only one who can empower you – no one will do it for you’
So I am changing the way I see things, listen to things, hear things, do things, think things. 
If I don’t take charge and work really really hard for what I want, I WON’T get it. I can’s simply sit back and moan because things are not happening the way I want them to happen.
It is going to be difficult, but hey, I’ve never been scared of a challenge.
I seem to be extremely motivated and determined when it comes to training and being fit and healthy – and I should be the same in the office. 
So, I have realized what I need to change, and this is my list:
* Pray and talk to God more
* Set-up a daily schedule – plan brainstorming session, allocate certain times to certain tasks and stick to them, no matter what. If someone interrupts, don’t feel rude if you show them away – the only way they will respect your time is if you respect it yourself
* Stop procrastinating – I do this a lot. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to stop procrastinating. I have slowly improved over time, but I’m not 100% there yet
* Think ahead (of times)
* Write down ALL ideas – keep a notebook with you at all times – the only ideas that fail are the ones not acted on
* Read more motivational ‘business’ books, success stories, etc.
* Expect less 
* Be more professional so you can be taken seriously
* Lead
* Be honest at all times
* Pin-up motivationals so you can stare at them all the time 
* Ask for guidance and input from colleagues, peers, friends, randoms, anyone
* Do research
* Commit to a task until it has been done 100%
* Build respect and trusted relationships
* Impress!
* Focus on the positive at all times, while working on making the negatives positives
* Draw more/ express more
* Voice my opinion more
* Do what is right in all situations
* Be innovative and take initiative
* Work REALLY hard
* Don’t think of what you are doing as a job – be more involved and take extra interest so that it becomes a personal goal/endeavor 
You also need to obviously have a passion for what you are doing. If you don’t, you are wasting your time, and you will never be motivated. 
I do feel ashamed that I don’t already feel like this about my job, but it’s important to be honest and realistic. 
And the truth is, I don’t, yet. But I also think it is important to admit this and to start working on a plan to change this. If you feel like this, and you don’t want to do anything about it – there’s the problem. 
But let’s also add to that: have fun – that’s what it’s supposed to be!
So, wish me luck as I try to make this change, and let me know what you want to change about YOU to be a better person, employee, parent, sibling, friend, partner, etc.