New Ink

I have been wanting to get new ink for quite some time and have finally found 2 designs/ideas that I love.
I don’t want to just get anything – I want every tattoo I get to at least mean something or have a meaning or stand for something. 
I have booked my appointment for the 6th and can’t wait: I am anxious and nervous, but excited!
The first idea I had was to get a tattoo of an anchor in honour of my fiancé- I am still deciding whether to get it on my foot or back.
The second one will be a simple, bold cross on either the back of my neck, or the top, middle of my back (just below my neck) 
I already have four tattoos, but they are hardly visible. 
After these two, I will get one more to make up seven, my favourite number. 
Here are some of the designs I really love

What do you think??