Sass Diva Goodies

So I went to the Sass Diva Fourways store to pick up one or two season necessities and ended up buying 6 bangles/bracelets and a necklace. 
I know – EVIL! I literally spent an hour trying to choose between all of the items, everything is so gorgeous and on trend! I foresee myself going back there to pick up some rings and earrings to complete my collection; and then going back for more collections! 
I was so surprized and pleased with the assistance I received in the shop as well. I didn’t get their names, but the two assistants working there, KUDOS! YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT!
As soon as they saw that I was struggling to pair the bracelets together, they assisted in picking some matching ones off the shelves and bringing them to me to try. 
And so we put together the most awesome combination! 
I also absolutely LOVE the necklace. I never really liked any gold accessories until I saw how absolutely gorgeous they look when paired with the right outfit. And now I can’t get enough.
This is what I got

Thanks Sass Diva for making such awesome accessories! 
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