Hair Styles for Bad Hair Days

Hey Hunnies, 
I haven’t been to the salon for ages – I seriously need to go, but just can’t seem to find the time to do so. 
Plus, since we’ve moved, I haven’t started my search for a new salon. 
So, any recommendations in the Fourways, Bryanston, Kayalami area?
Anyways, I am now relying on quick, easy, stylish hairstyles to hide my bad colour and split ends. 
And I am getting tired of the good ‘ol bun. so I found some nice DIY hairtsyles to try out. 
Braids still seem to be a trend; I love braids – especially the fishtail, but I have never been able to do one. 
It’s never too late to learn, right!?
I am trying some of these DIYs – I will report back on exactly how easy/difficult it was

I also love these VEEEEEERY much 

If you have any great styles for me to try out, let me know!