Morbid Alternative

I came across two gorgeous Tumblr sites: Morbid Fashion and Alternative Fashion.

I feel myself leaning more and more towards dark colours, spikes, studs, crosses – the whole dark/grunge look is very appealing to me.
Where I come from (a small mining town close to Potchefstroom), these kinds of looks would have been frowned upon. 
There would surely have been a couple of whispers about my state of mind.
I now live in Jozi and can definitely say that I feel more free/open to express my personality through what I wear. Living  here has definitely taught me not to give a shit what people think. It was a very exciting revolution. 
Morbid and Alternative capture the style I love so much very well through the photos they post on their sites, so I thought I would share them with you
Hope you love them as much as I do!

If only we could have ONE store in South Africa selling clothes similar to the above.
A One Stop Shop for us grunge freaks!