IsaDora: Review

Hi Hunnies!
I entered and won an IsaDora Wonderful Wednesday competition quite some time ago and was so excited to receive and review the products. 
After patiently waiting for more than a month (stupid post office), I finally received them last week and instantly tried them all. 
IsaDora is a Swedish make-up brand that focuses on offering consumers the best quality make-up products at the lowest possible price. IsaDora is extremely successful in the Global cosmetics market because the products they offer is of absolute highest quality, and are somewhat different to what is currently offered by so many other brands. IsaDora does not add any perfume to any of their products. In the hectic environment we already live in, we really don’t need any extra crap put into our cosmetics. Their products are fragrance free, clinically tested and, of course, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Their wide product range includes uncolored mascara and a complete assortment of 100% mineral products. 
IsaDora has launched in around 40 countries, including Russia, USA, Germany, Spain, Austria, Norway, Finland and Dubai. 
They sent me 3 gorgeous nail colours, eye make-up remover, Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-up samples and extra volume build-up Mascara. 
My thoughts: 
I absolutely LOVE the colours and even more so, the quality of the nail polish. 
I have tried various kinds of nail polish: most of them lasts a day or two before cracking and peeling (when self-applied). I tried the Silver Sparkles the day I received the products, and I truly have not experienced such long-lasting nail polish before. When I decided to remove it to apply the Mellow Yellow, I definitely struggled a little longer to remove it with plain nail polish remover than I would have with some of the other brands. 
I love the Silver Sparkles the most
What a wonderful foundation. Light and subtle, and SPF 15! 
I always struggle to remove my eye make-up with only face wash – I have to try at least twice, so I absolutely love the eye make-up remover.  
I have tried several kinds of mascara through the years and Maybeline has always been my absolute favourite when it comes to Mascara. 
Even though I did see slightly more of a ‘lush’ when I applied the IsaDora Mascara, it wasn’t something to write home about. But I still love it. 
Here are my top picks from their various ranges:

Now if only we can find a distributor for South Africa! 
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