Mr Price Online Update – Dave Doing it Right

Hello Hunnies, 
Herewith a proper update on the Mr Price Experience
After struggling with orders and getting feedback from customer services, Karushna(?) from Mr Price Customer Services finally gave me a call and informed me that Dave Pike from e-commerce were investigating what had gone wrong with my orders. 
Turns out that they cannot accept online payment with an American Express card (which was an option)
So my transaction had to be reversed. 
Dave was an absolute pleasure – he went out of his way to find out what went wrong, and how to fix it. 
He even phoned my bank for me to try reverse the payment (which could have taken more than a week); so, he gave me a Mr Price shopping voucher to the value of my original order to shop with and make up for all the waiting and fuss and all that. 
He then even checked up on my orders every day and sent me updates on where they were and how long they would take to reach me. 
I finally received all of my orders and absolutely love the items I bought.
Aside from a little problem I have with the skinnies (my calves won’t fit!), everything else is perfect
Luckily, they offer 3 ways of returning your items, so I will be visiting a store to exchange some of my items over the weekend. 
Dave saved the day (and my view on and experience with Mr Price Online)
If you ever have problems, speak to Dave – he is a perfect example of what customer service in SA should be. 
Thank you Dave – you are DOING IT RIGHT!
I can’t wait to share some of the outfits I bought with you!