Mr Price Online: My Experience

Hi hunnies, 
So I thought I’d write a little review on Mr Price’s youngest endeavour –Mr Price Online
I first read that they were opening an online store Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit I was quite excited, as I always buy at least one or two things from Mr Price when out shopping – I’m quite a fan.
So I thought I’d give it a go and see what the fuss is about as I saw some wonderful live tweets, and more awesome reviews after the launch event.
Unfortunately, I must iterate that my experience has been far less than easy and convenient.
Signing up was instant and hassle free, which we all love. 
The online store itself looks wonderful and is quite easy to navigate. 
I was impressed with the layout and the detail of loaded items, and the options offered, as well as the ‘you might also like’ on the right side of the screen (thought that to be quite dandy) 
So far, so good, Mr P.
So I with my basket in one hand and my credit card in the other, I was ready to pay and was quite excited to receive my hot fashion items
Uhm… yeah…this is where it all went South… 
After frustratingly attempting to pay with both VISA and American Express Credit and Debit cards about 5 times; receiving error after error, and becoming quite impatient, I gave up and chose the store pick-up option. 
Note the time-frame: 5 failed online payment attempts on Thursday, 2 August. 1 store pick-up attempt on Friday. Success.
So I waited for them to let me know when my hot fashion items would arrive at my chosen store, so I could go in, pay and receive my items. 
I waited until Monday, when I eventually mailed and asked what the process of my order was. 
I was told by call centre staff that I first needed to go into the chosen store and pay for my items, before the order could be processed and shipped. Where in your life?
I ‘cancelled’ the store pick-up order as it was impossible for me to visit the store twice during working hours in the week, and opted to try the online payment method again. This was now Monday, 6 August.
After another 6 failed attempts at paying for my items, Ay Carrumba! It worked! 
I paid, got the confirmation and was now once again waiting for my hot fashion items.
In the meantime, I received an sms telling me that my items (the store pick-up ones) had arrived at my chosen store. Uhm, I thought you said I had to go in and pay for them first, before the order would be processed? This was now Tuesday. And, phased but excited, I was certain I’d receive my order the next day. 
Alas, dear reader. I am STILL waiting for an order placed exactly a week ago. And frankly, I’m not even sure I want this order anymore. 
My order status have been on ‘submitted’ for over a week. 
And after numerous times emailing and phoning customer care, being told that they were ‘looking into it’ and would get back to me, I am giving up. 
Mr. Price Online, what a shit experience I have had. I am all for growth and moving forward and trying new things. But please, if you don’t know what you are doing, simply don’t do it. 
You would think that someone wanting to spend R1000+ on your products would be some kind of a priority when it comes to sorting their shit out. 
I love your hot fashion items, but I kind of hate you right now… 
To be continued…?
(PS: in the 30 minutes it took me to write this review, I’ve been trying to log onto the Mr Price Site – another unsuccessful attempt)