My Week in Training

I recently started training again and am really happy to where I was mentally, before I stopped training. 
This week’s training and diet consisted of:
Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs
Mid-Morning Snack: Green Apple and 1/2 cup peas
Lunch: Home-made chicken wrap (olive oil, lemon juice, chicken breasts, black pepper corns, tumeric, robot peppers, pineapple, cabbage and cucumber on a gluten-free,, low GI Weigh-Less Sundried Tomato Wrap
Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1/2 avocado with pepper
High Intensity Sprinting: 
20 second sprinting, 40 second walk x 5
30 second sprinting, 30 second walk x 5
High Intensity Cycling: 
20 second fast cycle, 40 second slow cycle x 5
30 second fast cycle, 30 second slow cycle x 5
High Intensity Rowing:
 1 minute fast row, 30 second rest x 2
KB Swing
3 minute swing with a 8kg KB, no rest
I also did some Jiu Jitsu kicks
Breakfast: 1/2 tin of tuna and 1/2 avocado mixed together
Mid-Morning Snack: Green Apple
Lunch: Chicken and Pasta Salad
 Mid-Afternoon Snack: Nothing
Dinner: Low GI, Gluten free Spaghetti and Extra Lean Mince in Olive Oil
(I need to up my carb intake until my body is used to training again, as I am struggling to find energy to train) 
5 minute High Intensity Sprinting and Resting
20 minute high intensity Jiu Jitsu Kicks and leg training
20 minute high intensity skipping
I will share as I go along
Here are some pics to keep you motivated