For the Love of Wallpaper

Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I want to redecorate our home.
I found some pretty cool wallpaper and wall decals online that I would absolutely LOVE to use. 
However, our walls are those grungy/coarse kinds with the holes in, so it would be a pretty big job that I am way too lazy for to do myself  that … uhm…
Anyway, IF I decide to change the walls, I would go for something like this:

I really love the way high graphic wallpaper design and raw materials go together. 
Like this: 

But I also like the clean, minimalist look: 

Our house is extremely dark: our feature wall is a dark burgundy and the rest of the walls are a off-white/gray in colour. Our curtains and furniture are various shades of brown. 
So you can imagine how dark it is. 
We’re kind of going for the Africa theme in the lounge: we have various African crafts on the walls, and the furniture and mirrors are African infused. 
I am tired of living in the dark – I want to go with a minimalist, clean feel, like the above images, but am not sure how I can achieve this by not changing the walls. 
Do you have any ideas for me?
I am such a lame when it comes to interior decorating, so any help would be awesome.