Final Stretch

As you may (or may not) know, I am changing jobs soon.
I have three full working days left at my current employer. 
It is bitter-sweet: I am so excited to start a new journey, but at the same time so sad because I am leaving behind a wonderful bunch of people. 

I have made some pretty amazing friends here at Electromode, and have built memories with them that I will never forget. It is amazing to work with people who share the same passion as you do. It has truly been 2+ of the best years of my life. I have learnt so much not only about the industry, but also about myself. I have had the honour of getting to know some of the most amazing people. 
The Electromode team have been my family away from home (because I literally spent at least 11 hours with them every single working day for the last 2+ years). They have taught me to be patient (a trait I never thought I would adopt/have). They have taught me to raise my voice when needed (really, I was uber-shy, when I started here). They taught me to appreciate the small things in life like a really good beat, or a crazy person early on a Monday morning). My vocab has expanded beyond belief: phrases like less gettit, strugglin withit, totes magotes, struggler, na mean (etc.) are now common words I use EVERY. DAY. 

Luckily, these people are now my friends, which means I can see them whenever, wherever! 
Nicole, Bulie, B, Nick, KB, Kev, Gen, Morgz (and Sin and Mel who have been away for some time already) and all the rest: 
I have been so blessed with a chance to get to know all of you. 
 I will miss you.