The Fishtail Braid

Hello Hunnies!
A hair trend we’ve been noticing a lot lately is the fishtail braid. 
It’s absolutely gorgeous.
Only problem is, we don’t know how to do one! 
Google, good ol’ friend
Here we go:
For a smooth braid, straighten and brush your hair. For the messier look, keep it natural and simply separate the hair with your fingers.
Step 1: 
 Create a ponytail 

Step 2:
Split the ponytail into two pieces

Step 3:
Take the piece from the back of the ponytail and move it to the front

Step 4:
Now take a piece from the front of the ponytail and move it to the back
Step 5:
Continue to the end of the ponytail and tie it all up with a plastic elastic

Step 6:
If you want a more ‘flowy’ look, cut the top elastic

Too complicated?
Try this one:
or this one:
We’re certainly trying this at home, will you?
If so, send us your fishtail braid pics and we’ll post them on the blog!

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