Trending: DIY Rope Bracelets

I am finding myself increasingly interested in the latest fashion trends (if you know me, you’ll find this weird as I am a tomboy i.e. don’t give a hit about fashion, and would much rather blog about design, illustration, jewellery and music.
Anyways, back to fashion – I am finding I am drooling over the latest fashion trends more and more every day.
I absolutely love jewellery, as you know. So, latest obsession = rope bracelets.
Best is, you can make’em yourself! It’s super simple!

Make’em like so:

You will need: 
Cut a piece of rope twice the length of the chain

Thread the rope through the first link and knot exactly in the middle
Take the remaining rope and a;so thread through the top link until you get to the middle of the rope.
Then, thread the rope through each link, including a piece of the first rope you tied.
Continue threading down one entire side

Repeat on the other side. Make sure to follow the direction of the chain, so the rope fits in the grooves.
When you reach the end, tie both sets of rope in double knots and trim the ends.
 You can dab a bit of superglue on the rope to reinforce the knot.
Add the jump rings to each end and attach the lobster clap.

Easy as pie!

Here are some wonderful creations to inspire you:


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