Hippie rantings

I’m going to write about this because it has come up in a random conversation at least three times in the last week or so.

Life can really suck sometimes. While we’re all hustlin’ and buslin’ to make a living, we forget to live. Every person has their own definition of what that word means. We are so busy with trying to front this rat race that we actually miss the important stuff.

I really do get that that’s the life many people want to live, and choose to live, because that’s what they aspire to be like; that’s their ‘dreams’. But I bet more than 80% of people in this country are not doing what they dreamt of doing when they were kids; or what they want to do – live their dreams.

You’re probably imagining driving that sportscar or being that glorified, well-known, crime-busting lawyer. And that’s your dream, and that’s fine. But then you’re rocked back to reality and you’re coffee’s gone cold.
You’re not living your dream – you’re not even close. You’re living in the rat race:
You get up in the morning, hastily sip on your coffee while getting ready for work. The, you rush to work (often in bumper to bumper traffic). You get to work (often late because of traffic), catch up on emails and quickly finish that project that was due this morning (that you were supposed to finish but missed deadline because of time limitations), so you submit a half-heartened, rushed project and rush through the day so you can rush home (in traffic), have dinner in front of the TV, take a 10 minute shower, get in bed, fall asleep, and start everything all over again tomorrow morning.

It’s a vicious cycle.

You’re trying to make a living – you’re not living.

What I dream about is waking up in the morning, feeling fresh and rested. Sipping on a cup of coffee while watching the ocean – on my own time.
Starting work (from my home office) when I feel like it. This ‘work’ will involve lots of writing, blogging and designing.
An afternoon walk on the beach follows, then preparing dinner with a glass of wine, on my own time.
Spending time with the family and relaxing on the balcony or porch follows.
Then, a relaxing bath, followed by a reading session, followed by a bit of television, followed by snugly duvets and dreamland.

But, every day will be different. Sure, I’ll work a certain amount of hours every day, but I will do what I feel like doing. I will live a simple life and I will strive to be happy.

Whatever you see as living, do more of it. Don’t rush through life doing things you don’t want to do, or things that don’t make you happy. Living is simple. Appreciate the small things. Slow down. Smell the roses that YOU planted. Take a nap or a walk on the beach. Sit and chat to friends without looking at your watch. Spend 5 extra minutes with your family. Work a little harder if that’s what’s going to get you where you really want to be. Don’t take things for granted, like driving or exercising – you are blessed to be able to do these things. Don’t bitch and don’t moan. be sincere and honest and go the extra mile for humanity’s sake. Care. Respect. Appreciate. Give and share. Stop worrying about money, cars, houses, clothes – all the material shit we often have sleepless nights over. If you struggle with this, remember that many don’t have a warm meal or cosy home. Think about others.

Slow down and live.

I can’t change the way you live, but I can change the way I do. If I could, money would never have been invented. Fuck money. it’s because of money and greed and selfish people that we are where we are. Not only in SA, but all over the world.

Aspire to be better and live better.

I hope you see the point I am trying to make. It saddens me that people feel less than nothing for one another, but worship money and material things. It makes me sad. It really does. I can only hope that I will always remain focused on what’s important, and that I will have the courage and knowledge to pass this way of living onto my children.

Fuck money and fuck what people think of you.

Seriously, think of it as a cliché if you wish. But I see people being unhappy in what they do every single day.
YOLO: make it count.

Just live.