Insane Workout 1

My training goals have changed over the last month or so: I now not only want to look good, but be fit as well. What is the use of looking good but not being able to run 1 km?
Anyway, in an effort to up my fitness level, I have started my own boot camp: nothing beats training where training should be done: outside.

I took the Insanity Fitness Test, and these are my results: Not as fit as I thought I was!

This is what you should do, as much of each as possible:

And this is what I was able to do:

1.       Switch Kicks 100 Reps (200 kicks)
2.       Power Jacks (50) 
3.   Power Knees (50 on each knee) 
4.   Power Jumps (30) 
5.   Globe Jumps (30) 
6.   Suicide Jumps (10) (eeek) 
7.   Push-Up Jacks (15) 
8.   Low Plank Oblique (I did not have time for this one unfortunately) 

After nearly DYING, I still went to gym and worked on my abs:

1) Hanging Leg Raises (50)
2) KB Side Lifts for Obliques (200 on each side)
3) Dumbbell Plank & Row (20 on each side)
4) Ball Crunches (50)
5) Ab roll in with Ball (20)
6) Straight Leg Raises (30)

Training this hard I would have expected my body to be extremely sore today, but it’s not…. I’ll have to up the training then!