Just Keep Swimming

So, after finishing the USN 12 week challenge, I kind of fell off the bus and took a break from all dieting and exercising  – BAD idea. I needed a proper breather though.

Anyways, I am no fully back on track and enjoying it more than ever!

Last night, I did 45 minutes of boot camp, and 90 minutes cardio:

1) Stairs run – 10 Push-ups
2) Stairs run – 60 Sit-ups
3) Stairs Run – 60 Sec plank
4) Stairs run – 10 Push ups
5) Stairs run – 2 x Side planks, 30 sec each
6) Stairs run – Side pull-ups (for obliques)
7) Stairs run – 20 Banana crunches

8) 50 m Sprint – 2 Minute Skipping (without rope)
9) 50 m Sprint – 10 x Supermans
10) 50 m Sprint – 10 Push-Ups

I didn’t get to:

11) 50 m Sprint – One legged balance squat
12) 50 m Sprint – Scissors
13) 50 m Sprint – Squats (Pause and hold for as long as possible)
14) 50 m Sprint – 2 Minute Skip

Note: the 50 metre sprints are actually 100 metre sprints (there and back)

20 minute Treadmill, level 8
20 minute Cycling
20 minute KettleBell Swings
30 minute circuit & stretch

What I am changing this time, is not sticking to a specific training schedule. I tend to get bored by doing the same things week after week. So, I am keeping it interesting to keep me motivated and excited.

I am also focusing more on being fit than merely losing weight. What is the use in looking great but not being able to do 20 push-ups?

I am also trying to focus on competing with myself rather than competing with others – I truly believe that that is the only way of moving forward and become what I ultimately want to be.

Anyway, here are some awesome motivationals: